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Leadership with a New

Kansas City is poised for exponential growth, and we can seize this opportunity by working together to make decisions that are best for the whole of Kansas City. With a City Council that moves collectively, and dissents gracefully, we are capable of elevating our city to new heights. - Justin Short

Why I am Running:

Kansas City deserves a Full Time Leader.

I am running because we need leaders working full time to make Kansas City better. My proven ability to work collaboratively to achieve goals and projects will make me an ideal candidate to advance our city into new heights.  Having the unique experience of living on both sides of the river, I understand the priorities valued by my communities in the North and the South, and am deeply invested in the development of both. My goal on city council will be to create a clear vision for the future of KC, build a city where everyone prospers, and support the folks behind the scenes doing the work. It takes all of us to get the job done.


Community Driven Approach


Thank you to all my supporters.


Kay Barnes

Former Mayor, Kansas City

Rarely have I met a candidate who is so well qualified to serve in public office as Justin.  In addition to a charismatic personality, he is well grounded in local issues and is proud of growing up a Kansas Citian. I believe you’ll find Justin to have all the qualities of leadership for Kansas City’s future.”

Jesse Worcester

Co-Founder and Partner of Worcester Investments

Garney Web

Patty and Charles Garney

Briarcliff Development Co and Garney Construction

“Justin Short is exactly the type of person this city needs on City Council right now. He’s qualified, personable, a team player, a good listener and will be a valuable addition to our city’s leadership. His slogan ‘We are Better Together’ is perfect as he will truly represent all of us. He’s not afraid of hard work and will prove himself worthy of your trust and your vote. Charles and I are happy to be on his team.”

Justin Short in the Media:

Standing up for all.

The Countdown Has Begun!

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Our city is better together.

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