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Making Kansas City Better for All.

Full-Time Leadership

Kansas City needs dedicated leaders 

We deserve a voice on city council that shows up, listens, and is prepared for the job.  Justin Short committed on day one to make Kansas City his full-time focus. He will be in the community, at our meetings, and available to take the calls and emails the job requires. 


Building a City Where Everyone Prospers


Supporting economic development and growing Kansas City, including delivering housing that all of Kansas City can afford. Supporting our local businesses and doing what we can to create jobs across town that pay the bills. Enhancing transportation for more reliability and better service. And ensuring our tax dollars are distributed fairly, and never wasted. 

Basic City Services

Keeping our city healthy and safe


Focusing on reducing crime and keeping our neighbors safe. Everyone should feel safe in their neighborhood and know that emergency services are quickly available. Getting the basics right: filling potholes, repairing sidewalks, and picking up trash, in every neighborhood.