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Making Kansas City Better for All.

Community-Driven Leadership

Creating a Clear Vision for the Future of Kansas City


Listen, Collaborate, Act. Let’s give voters (and their tax dollars) a voice. We are building a Kansas City for everyone. North, South, East, and West. Justin will fight to make sure our tax dollars are not being wasted and that everyone has a “seat at the table”.  This is about working together to move our city forward with less talk and more action. 

Community-Driven Development

Building a City Where Everyone Prospers


Whether you are starting a family, a new job, or a business, Kansas City should be the place where everyone can grow and prosper.  Let’s continue building up our growing city and create a KC where we all succeed. That means creating more jobs that pay the bills, homes we can afford, and transportation that is on time and on task. It’s time to get Kansas City back open for business.

Community-Driven Support

Supporting the Folks Doing the Work

The behind the scenes work of our public safety, public works, neighborhoods and non profits keep this city safe and running. As your next City Councilor, Justin will make sure these services are running efficiently. Simple improvements like rolling trash cans, fewer pot holes, sidewalk improvements, and working alongside our public safety sector will ensure a safe and thriving city. We don’t need to reinvent the wheel, we need to support folks already doing the work.