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Thank you to all my supporters.

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Kay Barnes

Former Mayor, Kansas City

Rarely have I met a candidate who is so well qualified to serve in public office as Justin.  In addition to a charismatic personality, he is well grounded in local issues and is proud of growing up a Kansas Citian. I believe you’ll find Justin to have all the qualities of leadership for Kansas City’s future.”

Darron Story

Community Leader

“When I was out on the campaign trail myself I got the chance to know Justin and from the very beginning I knew he was doing this for the right reasons. Justin cares about this city and he’s ready to work for the people. He’s not interested in power, he’s only interested in helping this city reach its highest potential and that’s why i’m endorsing Justin Short for City Council 4th District At-Large.”

Garney Web

Patty and Charles Garney

Briarcliff Development Co and Garney Construction

“Justin Short is exactly the type of person this city needs on City Council right now. He’s qualified, personable, a team player, a good listener and will be a valuable addition to our city’s leadership. His slogan ‘We are Better Together’ is perfect as he will truly represent all of us. He’s not afraid of hard work and will prove himself worthy of your trust and your vote. Charles and I are happy to be on his team.”


Mo Orpin

Executive Director, The Don Bosco Centers

“Justin Short is passionate about all things Kansas City. He is a strong supporter and advocate for nonprofits and the people they serve. He has been quick to volunteer his time to assist in fundraising efforts for The Don Boscos Centers. Justin’s engaging personality has helped to bring attention to our missions and he has been instrumental in helping us to attract new donors. His innate leadership qualities and his positive energy make him a terrific candidate for public service.”


Michael Burke

Former City Councilman, Kansas City 1st District

“Justin Short has shown his commitment and support for Kansas City and is uniquely well prepared to fill a seat on the City Council. His background in service to others and his lifelong interest in issues of concern to our City makes him one of the best candidates to emerge from his generation.”


Jordin Silver

Radio Personality - KCHZ, KRBZ

“I can truly say I’ve never met anyone who cared for KC more. He’s out, he’s talking to people, he’s approachable, he’s professional but also fun. He glows at the potential good he can do for Kansas City. And it’s a true the super-intimate and rare moments you witness when someone is doing exactly what they were put on the earth to do.”


Hartzell Gray

KC On-Air Personality & KC Sports Host/Emcee

“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Justin for over a decade, and you’ll be hard pressed to find someone with more passion and pride in his city, than Justin Short. I, like so many others, am looking forward to seeing Justin’s continued commitment to service and inclusion as a member of the City Council. We are indeed so much better, together.”

Paris Anna

Community Support

“Justin Short is nothing ‘short’ of an amazing human! He has a passion and spirit for Kansas City that is like no other! With that genuine smile, caring soul, ability to truly listen and take in what Kansas City is needing to move forward. He is ready! You would be hard pressed to find another candidate more qualified. He is a true leader.”

Joel Worcester

Managing Partner, Worcester Investments

“Justin is genuinely passionate about Kansas City; he was long before he decided to run for office. He has a sincere and contagious desire to see downtown KC grow and thrive for all Kansas Citians. One of my favorite qualities in Justin is the respect that he shows people he disagrees with and his willingness to engage in healthy, animosity-free debate. It is a breath of fresh air in the current political climate. Furthermore, Justin has been a great team member at Worcester Investments. Despite putting in countless hours on behalf of the City, he does his job well and is an inspiration to those who have the privilege to work with him. While I have always been hesitant to endorse political candidates, I feel at peace doing so for Justin as I trust him and believe he will make a significant positive difference for Kansas City.”

John Fairfield

Former City Councilman
Fairfield Law Office

“Justin Short is bright, knowledgeable, energetic, and I believe will be one of the hardest working City Council members after he is elected. He is fair-minded, concerned about the residents of KC, and importantly will listen. That is why I am endorsing him for City Council.”